In the beautiful yoga room at Landhotel Calador I will give the workshop


"Time for your Soul"

In this workshop, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of singing bowls from Nepal and Tibet. You get an insight on the origin, effects and the use of singing bowls. That afternoon I will show you various elements and techniques of sound massage, which we will perform in small exercises. So you can hear the beautiful sounds of a singing bowl and feel the gentle vibrations. While a sound meditation you go on an inner journey and the fascinating sounds of the singing bowls will guide you.


Dive into the world of singing bowls and let yourself be enchanted by the harmonious sounds!



This workshop will be a little break for your soul! An invitation to rest, to come inwards and to listen and feel.

To participate no prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

The number of participants is limited to max. 8 people.

The workshop takes place in German language.




Saturday, 11th October 2014


Thursday, 16th October 2014


Time: 12.00 a.m - approx. 3.30 a.m


45,00 €


Landhotel Calador

C./ Cala Carbo S/N,

Apartado de correos 570,

07830 San José, Ibiza, Spain

You can book your participation online here

or give me a call +49 170-2035063