Sound healing

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Singing bowls are used as preventive, healing, relaxing and meditative instruments that help to establish a healthy vibration in the entire organism.

Enjoy the healing sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls

Sound bowl massage is an exciting way of using sound and vibrations to achieve specific effects on body, mind and soul. Harmoniously sounding and vibrating bowls are placed on and around the clothed body. As our body contains a large amount of liquids, the sounds and vibrations goes deeply into the body. The pleasant sounds are very relaxing, the feeling of confidence will arise. This is the foundation for triggering self-healing and regeneration processes in the body.

This technique helps to let go stress, worries, fears, tensions and blockages.

The world is sound

Sound is vibration

Vibration is energy

Energy is Life

Life is love

Benefits of singing bowl massage

  • Effects of a singing bowl massage:
  • deep relaxation and regeneration
  • reduces stress
  • releases physical and mental blockages and tensions
  • activates and strengthens the self healing powers
  • purifying and detoxifying
  • promotes intuition and creativity
  • gives lightness and joy of life
  • balances the chakras
  • opens the Third Eye Chakra
  • works on a holistic level of body, mind and soul

individual sessions

Sound massage singing bowl healing

At the beginning we have a short introduction and I explain the singing bowl session. While the session you will lie in comfortable clothes on a mat on the floor. I use several singing bowls and depending on the technique I will choose suitable bowls for you. The singing bowls are placed on or near your body and gently struck by me. When I'm working in your auric field, I bring the bowls at a distance from your body to vibrate. During the session, you can enjoy the gentle and harmonious sounds and vibrations. You will feel deeply relaxed, protected and in harmony. It is possible that you fell asleep.

After the session with the singing bowls you will have some minutes to feel inside and come back in the "here and now". If you wish we can have a final talk.

I recommend you to bring or wear comfortable clothing.

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